Extremely happy with the service, honesty, and professionalism shown by the team. It was a relief to leave everything in their capable hands. A heart felt thanks....

Cathy - Cheltenham

"I cant thank the team enough for making a difficult decision (selling the family home with all it's memories) due to advancing age and ill health, so much easier. We really felt we could trust them to clear the family home in a respectful manner minimizing waste and finding a new home for many items that could not make the move with us." In the end they did it all on their own whilst l recovered from major surgery in hospital. Even packed my things for me ready for the moving truck to take them to my new home in a retirement Village. A heart felt thankyou.

Garry and Wendy - West Brunswick

Pack Up Your Troubles were wonderful. In one day they had the unit sorted. 40 years of life's accumulations, were checked, categorised, and cleared away. The unit was 100% clear , no hassles at all, and it was good to know that items that could be used by others were sent to charities.

Helen - Pascoe Vale

Huge thanks Pack Up Your Troubles for your work. Sorting out my clutter was so overwhelming for me but you were able to break it down and help me make decisions I couldn’t make alone.

S - Bulleen

I could not express how easy and smooth the process was with the team from Mrs Secondhand and Pack up your troubles. Their prompt response and service was not one to disappoint. I would definitely recommend there service to anyone, especially when you're dealing with ex tenants that leave many belongings behind. I will be calling them again if needed with no hesitation.

Tuche - Property Manager, Ray White

Living interstate and being given the daunting task of packing up my dads home, which had been the family home of two generations, I didn't know how I was going to manage this mammoth task in 5 days. I didn't need to worry. Pack Up Your Troubles were very organised and knew exactly where to begin and had lots of contacts for donations and organised the skips. The team is very reliable, organised and very easy to communicate with. I could not have completed this task without them.

Kim - Oak Park

Pack up your troubles were friendly organised and respectful and worked with me over two sessions to organise each part of my house. It was a pleasure working with them and I now have systems in place for my CD’s Kitchen cupboards, bathroom etc and chucked out stuff I didn’t need. I feels great to have a clear out and they were an excellent help.

Annie, Eltham

Pack Up Your Troubles were professional, respectful, and friendly in nature, and did a wonderful job helping us tidy up our house in preparation for having the wiring replaced. They were economical with time, so we got immense value from having them in. With regards to de-cluttering, they were honest without being too blunt, and very effective. I will definitely be recommending their service to other people.

Ana - Broadmeadows

I used Pack Up Your Troubles to declutter and organise my garage and home office. They came in with fresh eyes and came up with a solution on how to get the most out of two very different spaces. They were friendly, efficient and got the job done in no time. I'm ecstatic with the results.

Prof. Sheree Cairney - Flinders University

I cannot speak too highly of the service I received from Pack Up Your Troubles. From the first phone call and throughout the job, the communication was excellent and they were very clear how it would all work. They did a great job packing my belongings - it took 2 days to pack a four bedroom house, as well as sorting things for the op shop and dropping them off. I was very impressed with the care taken to pack things properly and when I unpacked there was no damage what so ever.

Bill - Frankston.

Pack Up Your Troubles were great. They were punctual, efficient and very positive in thier approach which made the whole exercise stress free. They helped me see a whole new way of organising myself and we now have much more space in our kitchen and a system that will work well for us. The simple techniques, tips and tricks they shared will stand me in good stead for organising the rest of the house. I have no hesitation in recommending Pack Up Your Troubles to you; be it for a small job or large!

Kirsten - Yarraville.

I have used Pack Up Your Troubles twice in the past 6 months to help me and also my brother move house. I was totally astounded at how smooth and painless the process was - They have a genuine ability to look at a room full of chaos and somehow sort through the clutter, pack up what I want to keep/move and then arrange for the rest to be removed all in a couple of days. They arranged everything, including boxes, transport, extra staff to help with heavy lifting and 10 years worth of household was packed up within in a couple of days – unbelievable! This would have taken me weeks!! I would highly recommend Pack Up Your Troubles and would be happy to be contacted for to provide a verbal reference.

Jane – Brunswick.

I can actually get in my flat now and sit in a relaxed space since Pack Up Your Troubles came and helped me sort through all the stuff that was cluttering my flat. I want to thank my case manager and Pack Up Your Troubles for making this possible and not making me throw out the things that are precious to me.

Debra – Fitzroy.

When mum passed away I had to empty her unit of 30 years worth of household goods. Not having lived in Melbourne for 25 years I had no idea where to start. The idea of organising truck rentals, removalists and working out where to take items no longer needed was just too much. Luckily the community agency mum rented her unit off recommended Pack Up Your Troubles and they did an amazing job of providing practical advice, packing and removing the unwanted goods (most of which went to a local charity). They were supportive at a difficult time and I was impressed with the speed and ease of the service,allowing me to be back home in Brisbane by the end of the week. - thank you.

Tracey - Brisbane.

My bungalow was packed to the rim with household bits and pieces that no longer fit in my house. I was desperate to create an art space to do my painting but was totally overwhelmed by the job ahead of me. I needed a third party to help me get some perspective on what was worth keeping, what could go and how to make what remained ‘flow’. Within days of an initial conversation and quote from Pack Up Your Troubles, they came back, helped me sort through the goods, removed what I no longer wanted and helped me organise the space into a light, inspiring place that I now spend time painting in again. Can't thank them enough for the inspiration, practicality and also support and encouragement I needed to get the job done. All the best.

John – Northcote.

Pack Up Your Troubles did an amazing job in preparing my house for sale in such a short amount of time. I was surrounded by chaos and they came into my home and got straight on with the job. They worked through my house room by room decluttering and sorting out all the unwanted stuff & removed it immediately. They made the photography deadline with a day to spare! What a relief after so much stress, it made a big difference to the sale price and to my sanity! I highly recommend them. Thanks.

Susie – Carlton.

My brother Peter has had a hard time getting rid of all the stuff that has taken over his house since his wife died. With a Notice to Vacate looming, Pack Up Your Troubles did a tremendous job of working with him empathetically & efficiently to remove the mountains of stuff and to keep his landlady happy. Luckily for Peter, the Notice to Vacate was cancelled and he can now access local council cleaning services to keep the house properly maintained. We are very grateful – thank you.

Bob Cameron & Family – Sandringham.

In our experience we have found the Pack Up Your Troubles team to be very professional. They are hard working and have got great results with our clients. They always treat our clients with respect.

Elaine – Case Manager, Wintringham Specialist Aged Care

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