Melbourne Deceased Estates & House Clearance

Dealing with the death of loved one is hard enough but the burden of sorting an entire estate can be extremely overwhelming & emotional.

We have been clearing properties & deceased estates for many years and have helped many families get through this process in a fraction of the time that it takes the average householder.

It’s hard physical & mental work and not most peoples area of expertise. Even knowing where to start and what to do with the contents can be over whelming. We have the solutions to get through the process in no time and a multitude of resources that we tap into to get the job done.

We assist families to reach the deadlines of settlement, sale inspections & getting a house ready for the rental market.

With the combination of both Pack Up Your Troubles & our other company mrs.secondhand we’re able to offer clients that special something that no other company can. Mrs.Secondhand specialises in selling secondhand goods and is interested in all eras of furniture and household goods.

We mange the entire project!

Before you sort any of the contents phone Jody – 0422 166 132 for more information.


We use a sensible, systematic approach so that we do the work efficiently and avoid double handling.

We clear entire properties (including garages/under houses) and can organise all services needed to prepare a property for sale or settlement, including tradesmen, gardeners & cleaners.

We’ll organise to:

  • Sort items which can be sold via our other business: Mrs Secondhand
  • Sort items to be donated & coordinate pick ups
  • Remove all rubbish from the property
  • Organise reliable cleaning/garden services

We do our best to re-home other items to various charities/artists and avoid landfill/keep rubbish costs down.


We work with all budgets. Some families just get us to do one area such as a the garage. Other families get us to do the entire property.

The average household can take 1-3 days to clear depending on how full each house is. Our combined services of Pack Up Your Troubles & mrs.secondhand is unique and offers a solution to getting some $ for the household contents. Call Jody – 0422 166 132 directly to discuss our quoting system.

Our clients recommend us time & time again because we’re reliable,honest and see the value in engaging a professional service to take care of the hard stuff and we have been clearing houses/deceased estate for numerous community organisations, not-for-profit & government agencies for years.


Make a full proof plan before you start chucking stuff out as you might be throwing out what is precious to another family member or it could be worth some $.

Call Jody – 0422 166 132 for more information.

Charities we support

Where possible we donate unwanted furniture/unwanted household items to local charities

Charities that Pick up your troubles support include St Vincent, Brotherhood of st Laurence, brotherhood fridges & Northern Community Church. Charities that Pick up your troubles support include St Vincent, Brotherhood of st Laurence, brotherhood fridges & Northern Community Church.

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