Deceased Estates & House Clearance

We have years of experience working with families assisting with entire deceased estate/property contents. Our sensitive, cost effective approach will ease the burden and also ensure your loved ones processions find new homes.

We mange the entire project!

Before you sort any of the contents phone Jody – 0422 166 132 for more information.

Our other company – mrs.secondhand is interested in buying all types of household goods. We do our best to re-home other items via charity donations and avoid landfill as much as possible.

We clear entire properties (including garages/under houses) and can organise all services needed to prepare a property for sale or settlement, including tradesmen, gardeners & cleaners.

We’ll organise to:

  • Sort items which can be sold via our other business: mrs.secondhand
  • Sort items to be donated
  • Organise rubbish removal
  • Organise reliable cleaning/garden services


We have a great combination of practical knowledge of this work as well as the empathy & understanding of what families are going through. We understand the emotional turmoil that families are faced with when dealing with a deceased estate, it can be a heart wrenching task with so many memories attached to household items. We also know that if it’s not your area of expertise it can take a long time.

Our House & property clearance processes are well & truly tried & tested. We have been doing this work since 2011 and thoroughly enjoy working with families to clear properties for sale, settlement or for new tenants. We use a systematic approach that ensures the job is done once & properly.

We have also been working with community and non-government agencies since we began our business and continue to do so. This is because we are trusted, reliable and get the job done without costing $$$. We have been applauded for our honesty and ensuring any items overlooked by families, such as money, jewellery & personal memorabilia is returned to them.



Charities we support

Where possible we donate unwanted furniture/unwanted household items to local charities