About Us


At Pack Up Your Troubles, we love packing, sorting, decluttering, and organising. We enjoy working with people and sharing our professional organising skills with you to make the impossible totally possible.

In my former profession as a support and community development worker, I saw first-hand the effects a disorganised household can have on some of our most vulnerable community members. For some, sorting out, packing up, and unpacking personal possessions can be a huge challenge.

This experience led me to thinking about practical ways to help people, which is when I founded Pack Up Your Troubles in 2011. I still enjoy working with community and not-for-profit organisations, as well as people from all walks of life.

I truly believe a clutter free household/space = a clutter free mind and allows room for all the good things in life to come in.

Call Jody on 0422 166 132 to book your home or office pack, unpack, declutter, or professional organisation today.