Melbourne downsizing assistance services

Pack Up Your Troubles are the experts when it comes to helping you downsize/declutter in preparation for moving into a smaller home.

We have the sensitivity and packing experience to organise the most efficient move – so you don’t have to think about it!

We can help you with those tricky decisions and come up with practical solutions for your belongings whilst doing it in a timely and cost effective manner.

We’ll organise:

  • Downsizing/packing in preparation for retirement/aged care
  • Packing up deceased estates
  • Removing all unwanted items
  • Arranging skips and charity pickups

Many people find it difficult to let go of items that hold so many memories. We help guide you through the practical process of what makes sense to take to your new home whilst also helping you come up with some solutions that will make life easier.

We’ll help you sort/pack items that you want to keep, donate certain items OR SELL some of your items in our shop – Mrs Secondhand

We know the reality of current markets, whats hot & whats not, this is what makes us unique from our competitors. Most declutterers/packing services have no expertise in the current secondhand furniture market or the right contacts. We have been working in this space for many years and have many contacts as well as knowing many collectors.

We’re also House/Property Clearance specialists – we go through the lot! Every cupboard, every garage/shed, every nook and cranny – we’ll remove all unwanted household items, from rubbish to sellable items. Pack Up Your Troubles works closely with charities around Melbourne to streamline the moving process and help reduce landfill and waste.

Call Jody on 0422 166 132 to book your downsizing/decluttering/house clearance today.


  1. Start early so that you keep your stress levels down – there are many decisions about your household items that can be made ahead of time.
  2. Get accurate measurements of your new place to ensure your current furniture will fit. You can’t take it all with you – some stuff will be non-negotiable for sentimental reasons but some stuff will just be standard household items that you can live without and probably no longer use.
  3. Check in with family members first to see if anyone else would like some of the items you no longer want
  4. Contact secondhand furniture specialists such as our sister company – mrs.secondhand to see if we’re interested in the goods you no longer have any use for.
  5. If you’re going to donate items, make sure they are still in great condition, whilst your heart might be in the right place, donating items that are damaged, ripped or need repair are NOT welcomed by charities.
  6. Be ruthless, it’s time to let things go, it might be tricky at first but I guarantee it will feel good to let it go and have a fresh start.

Charities we support

Where possible we donate unwanted furniture/unwanted household items to local charities

Charities that Pick up your troubles support include St Vincent, Brotherhood of st Laurence, brotherhood fridges & Northern Community Church. Charities that Pick up your troubles support include St Vincent, Brotherhood of st Laurence, brotherhood fridges & Northern Community Church.

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