November 15, 2014

Organising our photo’s can seem daunting…….

Why do people procrastinate about sorting out their photos?

As a forty something, I think one of the main reasons why I procrastinated for

so long was the fear of not really knowing what I would find. I mean, there

couldn’t be anything that bad could there? Oh hang on, what about the teenage

years – CRINGE……My face was burning red with embarrassment just thinking

about it! And yes, initially I did cringe seeing what I looked like as teenager.

It can be confronting and it can be emotional but it can also remind us of some great times in life.

I loved re-living some of my past and seeing people who were once very dear to me.

I’m no longer that 15 year girl who thinks smoking is cool or that

blue/black hair really suits me! I also realized how lucky I was to grow up in a

place and time where I had a lot of freedom.

Seeing some of my early child hood photo’s felt really precious – we didn’t take

many photos as a family at this time. I especially love the ones where my mum

would insist on lining all us kids up against the back shed and then proceed to

cut half our heads off with her mediocre photo taking skills – bless her, I ‘m glad

she tried even if half of us are missing!

One of my most enjoyable parts of sorting them out was

seeing older photo’s of family members and looking at them adult to adult. There

were also many family members I didn’t know – I had so many questions about

who they were, what did they do with their lives? what were they like and even

though we’re not a particularly close family I did feel a sense of closeness looking

at these pictures. I’ve since talked to family members and found out a lot about

older family members and was fascinated by them and their lives.

I’m now really happy that I started sorting my photo’s out. I’ve had

some of the really precious ones turned into enlarged prints and framed. I’ve

scanned and digitized some of the printed photo’s that were on their last legs

and saved them on my computer/hard drive and put them on cloud software so

that other family members can access them. I feel like I’ve preserved part of our

family history, which now seems more important than ever. I want my nieces

and nephews to know those stories and make sure family members aren’t lost

and forgotten forever. Most of all I reminded myself that life is to be celebrated

and there will always be good and bad times  but it’s how we come through

those times that matters the most.

October 22, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

yes that’s right folks, we’ve made it to another birthday! As a small business we get excited that we still exist, inspired to know that we’re making a positive different in peoples lives AND continuing to expand services.

What’s been happening:
It’s been a busy month of doing a lot of packing and relocation work for clients. For the past couple of years now we’ve been coordinating certain aspects of small – medium size Business/Office relocations and in this last few months we totally project managed complete moves for both a 5 people office and a 50 people office and LOVED IT. As you can imagine, it can be quite over whelming for a business to have to organise a move as well as trying to continue to operate.  We had their staff packed up late Friday afternoon and ready to operate the following Monday. Woo hoo and yay for us!

New services:
Business relocations/project management: I am, really excited to announce that we are now organising/project managing complete business relocations – including coordinating set ups of utilities/telephone-internet systems, sourcing tradies, removalists, timeline management – you name it we do it! We have experience in small – medium size business’s.For more info, never hesitate to call me.Ph: 0422 166 132

June 5, 2014

Emotional Clutter……

I recently attended a fabulous weekend “un-conference” called  – Big Hearted Business and one of the speakers, Danielle La Porte, talked about desire mapping, which in a nutshell is asking yourself –  how do you want to feel about your job, relationships, passions etc. She also talked about writing a “stop doing list”. I found both of these exercises really empowering and they made me realise that I’d been carrying around quite a bit of emotional clutter in relation to certain relationships.

I came to the conclusion that number 1 on my “stop doing list” was to stop spending time and energy around people that don’t: make me feel good, support me, inspire me, see the good in people and just want to put people down.

And I finally got some clarity around a particular friendship and realised it had ran its course quite some years ago but for many reasons I wasn’t able to ‘let go’. Whilst “letting go” of friendships is painful and sad in many ways, the decision to do so leaves me feeling free from the negativity, made me feel lighter and more appreciative of the wonderful people I do have in my life, who support me and want to see me succeed.

Time is tick tick ticking, so in the words of one of my childhood heroes – Mr. Molly Meldrum, do yourselves a favour and  check out this wonderful, inspiring woman  – Danielle La Porte and get on with the good stuff that life has to offer……..


May 8, 2014

Inheriting a household full of stuff!

I just inherited a household full of stuff – what do I do with it?

Firstly you need to organise a family meeting so you can all decide EQUALLY what is going to happen with the property and contents. Each family member will be experiencing different emotions regarding the loss of a loved one, so it’s important to avoid any bad blood between each other before sorting out any items. Whilst this is a really challenging situation for many of us to be in, including everyone is vital. It’s also really important that the burden does not fall on one person. However…….

Whilst it may be clear in a will that certain items are to go to certain family members, dividing up the rest of the household goods can be tricky. Getting an independent/objective person to help facilitate this can work wonders eg engage a professional organiser like me! OR the best way to avoid any problems is to talk with your loved ones about what they would like you to do with their possessions after they’ve passed. I don’t think any family members would want any one to feel guilt/burdened by their “stuff”?  They’d want the remaining family members to enjoy their life and live it to the full and not hang on to unwanted items just for the sake of it.

It’s ok to keep some items for sentimental reasons but not a household full! Remember nobody can take away your memories of the person you’ve lost. I inherited a cigarette lighter of my grandmothers that I actually bought her when I was a teenager, whilst I have no use for it, I love having it as I’m reminded of how happy she was when I gave it to her.

So remember, cherish your memories of loved ones and don’t waste your energy and time on guilt & burden, life is for the living!


April 6, 2014

Letting go of your stuff

Is your house overloaded with “stuff”?

Is it causing you anxiety/depression?

Is it stopping you from inviting friends over?

Do you dread walking in your front door?

If the answer is yes, to any of the above, then it sounds like you might be ready to let go of it.

Lets face it, we’ve all had too much “stuff” at one time or another that literally clogs up our houses/space. It’s particularly frustrating when we can’t function in our homes properly or when it comes too moving.

When it comes to decision making we either leave the house for the nearest pub or run that urgent errand to the shops to get chocolate…..anything to get away from actually making decisions. Why have I kept this and why can’t I make a decision about it?

Because its become part of your routine not too make decisions and if you do, then you’ll have to follow it with some actions and well the river “denile” is such a pretty place we’d all rather stay there! Sound familiar?

Think about when you’ve felt free of your “stuff” (holidaying, staying with family/friends) and managed with only the bare essentials, it’s been kinda nice hey? The KEY is making conscious decisions about only keeping what you need, don’t get me wrong you’re allowed to have pretty nice things to look at but you don’t need a house full of it!

Discarding is a lot easier than you think but the getting started is the tricky bit. I truly believe there will never be a “right time” so JUST START, don’t wait to next week!

The trick to STARTING, is starting small, for example:

  • In the first week, remove 3-5 items from each room/cupboard and donate immediately.
  • Don’t keep donated items in a box by the door for months, drop it at your nearest charity shop immediately, WITHOUT buying anything else. Or dispose of it immediately.
  • Continue this process for a minium 3 weeks (they say it takes 3 weeks to break a habit) and before you know it you will have gained some control over your stuff.
  • Keep doing it as long as it takes to get your house to a comfortable space you enjoy spending time in.


The benefits are enormous, discarding unwanted stuff makes you feel lighter, free from the responsibility of  it, better organised and back in CONTROL. I’ve witnessed this many times with clients and it’s a very cool thing.

Don’t fall into the trap of hanging onto “stuff” for a friend – if you want to give it away, call them and agree on a date of collection asap (ideally within a week).

You already know that procrastinating makes you feel anxious/depressed which is no good for the soul – you deserve happiness!  But it takes practice, practice, practice & you’re the only one who can keep yourself in check, so when you’re out shopping, ask the obvious – DO I REALLY NEED IT?

Now go, stop wasting time on the computer reading blogs – discard away…………!